Battle Zone Archery – a mixture of paintballing & Archery a fast-paced team activity

Traditional archery demands a high level of patience, concentration and a keen eye for accuracy. You may already have these qualities but do you think you can demonstrate them while arrows are flying over your head?  If so, then put yourself and your friends to the test and book one of our Battle Zone Archery sessions today! Battle Zone Archery is perfect for birthday parties, Stag/Hen events or if you just fancy having a go!

What is Battle Zone Archery?

Battle Zone Archery is an extreme mixture of both traditional archery and paintballing. Two teams of five set off against one another in a variety of fast-paced and adrenaline-filled games. Teams will attempt to prove their archery prowess by moving tactically through our purpose-built arena, taking out targets and eliminating players. Sounds easy right? Not when you are constantly under fire from your friends whose sole aim is hitting YOU! Still fancy your chances?

Is it safe?

Good question! We understand that the idea of shooting fast-paced arrows at each other doesn’t sound like the safest activity but there is no need to worry!

Battle Zone Archery has been specifically designed to give you the maximum amount of freedom with the bows and arrows to ensure a safe but exhilarating experience. Our bows have been fashioned from flexible materials making them very difficult to break; each of our arrows is tipped with a thick rubber tip allowing the force of a direct hit to be absorbed safely. Face masks, similar to ones worn when paintballing, are provided and must be worn at all times during Battle Zone Archery.
Upon your arrival, a full safety brief will be given by one of our knowledgeable instructors. You will be taken through everything you need to know about the equipment and how to operate safely within the battle arena.

The rules are simple; stay low, move fast and hit your mark!

The following will be included at the beginning of every session:

  • A health and safety brief.
  • Rules of Battle Zone Archery.
  • Instruction of Bow technique.
  • Plus loads of fast-paced competitions and games.

The minimum age requirement for Battle Zone Archery is nine. There is no maximum age limit, however, you should ensure you are in good health and capable to safely take part. Please consult your GP if in doubt about any medical conditions. Participants must not arrive under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. Wall Eden Adventure reserves the right to refuse anyone from participating if they are found to be unsafe or incapable of safely participating.

These are just some of the games we play:

  • Standard Team Deathmatch – with reviving and medic mechanics to make the games unpredictable!
  • Capture the flag – Grab the game winning flag that’s in the centre of the dead-zone and return it to your base for an easy win, make sure your quick and dodge those incoming arrows!
  • Last man standing – Be the last to get hit and you are the winner!
  • No mans land – A standard fight to the death, however all the cover for you to hide behind has been removed!
  • The Hunger Games – Just like the movies, you will start with nothing and must equip yourself for the fight!
  • Points, points, points! – Each game mode is scored differently, and the team with the most points at the end will be the winners. Make sure to listen out for high scoring opportunities to claim victory over your friends!!!


Please note: Battle Zone Archery sessions are not included in our calendar, please call us to book your bespoke session.

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£30.00 per person (minimum of 10 people required)
The duration of the activity will depend on the group size. A standard session consisting of ten people will last for approximately two hours.
  • All the necessary Battle Zone Archery equipment to shoot your friends!
  • Sun cream & hat if a warm day
  • Water & food (drinks & snacks available on site)
  • Waterproof/warm clothing if a wet/cold day
  • Sturdy footwear for all weather terrain
  • Pre Booking is essential.
  • In order to make a booking you will need to be at least 18 years of age. ( Anyone above the age of nine can participate)
  • You will be required to sign a document prior to the activity which includes important information regarding the safety rules and procedures of the activity. The signing of the document allows us to know that you have read and understood the rules and procedures.
  • Minimum age of 9 years old.
  • All participants under the age of 18 will require full parental/guardian consent and be accompanied by the parent/guardian during the activity.
  • Wall Eden Adventure has the right to cancel or amend bookings.
  • Bookings are subject to weather conditions. If Wall Eden Adventure determines that the weather is unsuitable you will be offered to change the activity time, day or choice of activity (subject to availability).
  • Wall Eden Adventure has the right to cancel or amend bookings.
  • Cancellation of any booking twelve weeks prior to the activity date will be entitled to receive 50% of the original cost back.
  • Bookings that are cancelled within twelve weeks of the selected activity date will not be entitled to any refunds.
  • If any members of a group booking become unable to attend, no refund for those persons will be available.
  • Poor weather conditions will not constitute a valid reason for wishing to cancel a booking.
  • In the case of dangerous weather conditions that would deem an activity booking unsafe, a member of the Wall Eden Adventure Team will contact you to rearrange your booking at a time and date that is mutually convenient.